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  • ET-502+600+3288
  • ET-502+600+3288
  • ET-502+600+3288
  • ET-502+600+3288


Video parking sensor system,your safety we care.
Car Camera+Mirror+Parking Sensor 

1.5 inch digital TFT LCD monitors
2. Wide angle, Waterproof, Night vision car cameras
3. High Sensitivity parking sensor
4. Accurate distance alarm
5. Colorful distance display
6. BIBI and Human Invoice chose able reminder
7. This kit is easy to use and installation and you will be provided with a wide range of options.


Quick Details
1.4’’BIBI, Human voice’’ video parking sensor.
2. 4.3 inch Digital TFT LCD monitor.
3. Factory outlets.
4. Anti-glare, waterproof, TFT LCD monitor.
5. Built-in LED digital display function to the monitor.
1.Operating voltage:12V
2.Max power:4W
3. Digital distance: 3.0m~0.4m.
4.Alarming volume: ≥70Db
5.Operating temperature:-30~+0℃
6.Sound alarming distance:1.5m~0.1m
Product Features
1. TFT LCD display
2.Universal anti-glaring glasses for eye sight protection , in position
of the original rearview monitor.
3.Automatically switch to rear view system when reversing ,
 Ensure to parking safety.
4. Same size with original car rearview monitor.
5. Easy for installation and un-installation.
6.Color available: Black , Beige(optional)
7.Video parking sensor system consists of monitors, parking
Sensor host box, camera ultrasonic probe four parts , via to
to install in ultrasonic probe to detect the distance between the
Behind of the car and obstacles , and the rear view camera will
Shows the image to the monitor.


Wiring diagram